RANN of Kutch is a salt desert at the extreme northwestern part of our country, it shares its borders with Pakistan, it is an extreme natural phenomenon, vast area of white salt spread across.

It is near to the city of Bhuj in gujrat, the nearest habitable area, we were on a trip to explore Rajasthan, once we finished Ambha ji right at the borders of Gujrat, we said to ourselves lets end with Rann of Kutch cause last year in our trip to explore Gujrat, we could not visit it due to time constraint. We decided to take a train to Bhuj, it is around 6 hours journey to Bhuj, we left Ahmadabad around 7 am in the morning and reached Bhuj around afternoon time. A pleasant, no hiccups kind of journey.

The area of Bhuj is one of the driest part of india with very less rainfall or sometimes no rainfall at all even during monsoon. We used Air-Bnb to book our stay, we were staying with a doctor family, it is always beneficial to stay with local people, they can guide you in a proper way, they have amazing stories to tell about their place.

We had 3 days in our hand, one day would go exploring Rann of Kutch and the next day we were planning Mandvi, before we come back to Ahmedabad and finally Bangalore. It had been 20 days on road, the eldest 65 and the youngest 2.5 years old,none of us  were feeling tiredness at all.

The great white Rann is 80kms from the city of Bhuj, therefore it takes around 2 hrs to reach the place, in between we have to take permission from the army since it is a border area.  Since it was the month of January, the ongoing Rann festival also adds bit of flavour to the dry desert area. Just before entering the desert part, there was a festival like atmosphere with small shops selling traditional clothes and food items.

As we exit Bhuj and start our Journey towards Rann of Kutch


On the way to Kutch
Rann Festival going on
People enjoying camel cart ride
Entering the Rann area

Evening was settling in and the great white RANN looked resplendent in orange glow of the setting sun.


I had never seen this vast landmass, totally barren but still beautiful, it seemed like i am witnessing infinity. We walked a few meters across the landscape, took photographs of the setting sun.

Once it became dark and the twinkling stars came out in the night sky, the place took a totally different aspect. The vastness in the dark is unique.


We finished the day on a good note and came back to BHUJ, the next day we were supposed to leave for Mandvi, a small town on the shores of Arabian Sea and from there back to Ahmadabad.

Mandvi has the well known Vilas Rao Palace, it is a small town on the sea coast line.









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