I have not been travelling off late, the way I used to travel, stuck with work, got involved with a partnership firm so some responsibility has come in, however the travek beast does not stay quite for a long time, so what does one do when it again puts its head up and says he is hungry for action. This time the place is Kozhikode in Kerala.

I was wanting to explore the city for a long time, I don’t know why but the longing was there so i finally packed my bag and got ready for this road trip. Google map showed a distance of 360 kms, I live around the outskirts of the city so for me the distance was 50 kms less so 310 kms can be covered within 7-8 hours with one or two breaks.


I left the city at around 10:30 am, I was taking the above mentioned route which goes through Bandipur forest reserve and Wayanad and finally hitting the sea. Since I started a bit late in the day, I had to continuously drive for an extended period so that I can reach my destination before the evening, Kanakapura to Mysore ring road is a two lance road, I had to be careful with the opposite traffic coming in, however with sparse weekday traffic it was manageable.

I reached Mysore by 2 pm, taking a short break for 5 min getting ready for the final stretch, this one was going to be a scenic one cause I would be crossing the Bandipur tiger reserve, Waynard and finally hitting the sea.

I turned out to be the way I thought, smooth roads, spotted animals, went above the clouds and finally reached kozhikode by 5 pm in the evening.


The raod inside the reserve
The Elephant Family


My place of stay was 30 mins away from the main city, it was near NIT Kozhikode campus, nestled among st nature.


The next two days i explored the city, it is a small town city, people looked generally happy and contended, the roads are narrow but clean and well maintained .

People are generally happy in a beach town, emotional at times but mostly free spirited, the reason may be the sea, going to the beach either in the morning, evening or even during weekends does bring a certain kind of relaxation in the mind as well as calmness in everyday activities.


The gushing of waves and the golden glow before the Sunset



Sunset on the Beach



The city view
birds at the beach

My intention was to be near the sea, experience the bliss and staying at kozhikode provided me full opportunity to do that, so the 2 days spent here were really worthwhile, these images are from the main beach in the city. I found what i was expecting from the city here so did not go to explore more beaches although time was also not much.

All in all a good trip.

The inhibitions and the melancholy

The nervousness and the doubts

let them be your partner for a while

don’t be afraid of them, they will dissolve when their time comes.

Early morning on the way back while entering Waynard



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