Winter holidays were approaching, me and my brother were planning a Rajasthan trip.Last year we had traveled across Gujarat coastline which turned out to be a wonderful experience. This year we were targeting Rajasthan, a place in itself very diverse, from the deserts of Jaisalmer to the hilly regions of Marwar to the colorful surroundings of Jaipur and finally the wildlife in Ranthambore.

We planned to start our journey from Sawai Madhopur, a town famous for the Ranthambore Wildlife sanctuary and tiger reserve in India. We were going for the wildlife safari only for one day, a very short period to spot the tiger inside the forest, however for me, I was more excited to go into the jungle, experience the flora and fauna of the forest.

The open Bus
Our Guide


morning Sun

There was a line of vehicles early in the morning to get inside the national park, buses filled with families, children eager to get a glimpse of their favorite animals, but most of  them including adults where eager to get a glimpse of that elusive tiger, as we were getting inside, a couple of vehicles before us had stopped, there was news in the air that Mastan one of the tigers had crossed the road and is moving towards the hills on our left hand side, there was not a single soul who was seated now in the open bus all eager to catch a glimpse, we did see it but he was very far, moving among the sun dried bushes i just saw the back side of the majestic animal as he moved much deeper inside the jungle and finally faded from our eyes.

A bit disheartened we moved forward, there was lot of talks as how the animal behaves and some weird tiger stories.

The entrance to the forest area is through the main gate of Ranthambore fort which is situated inside the national park. As we were entering the the giant gate, i was able to hear sounds of the birds, a lot of them were flocking around us, they were of different kind, but all were looking out for food, the guide was giving a brief about the fort and the topography of the place. Some people were desperate to track the tiger asking the guide whether there is a chance to get a glimpse again. The guide suggested that there is a tigress who has given birth to couple of cubs recently, if we are lucky we may get a chance to see all of them. The open bus was moving swiftly and steadily along the muddy trail, it was a cloudy start to the morning. The hungry birds without any inhibitions were flocking over our head looking out for food. Along the way there were lots of deer.




Birds resting near the banks of the lake
The huge lake  inside the Reserve

We explored the Jungle for long enough chased down places where we could find a tiger however it was an unlucky day. Finally we called it off, there are seven routes inside the reserve, we never know on which one we may see the tiger, however being inside the forest and experiencing wild life was in itself a very nice experience.

Searching ……


Ranthambore fort is at the entrance of the Reserve, there is a Ganesha temple inside the fort. Although it comes under the world heritage site, it is not very well maintained, it is in ruins however the architecture stills shows signs of its past glory

A view of the Reserve from the fort


Ariel view of the fort

There is a certain charm in visiting and exploring the ruined forts, if we look deep we can still see the past glory, the way it was back then and how people lived there, it is also about learning about knowing where they faltered, what was the reason and out of this if we can take out some important lessons the visit becomes worth it.

On the sands of time, nothing is permanent,So don’t be lost in the past or dream of a future, just the moment now is good enough for life to explain itself” 



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