It was a cloudy day to start off, I was taking the nice corridor and then would join the Mangalore Highway to reach my destination. Shravanabelagola is around 170 kms from the Bangalore. The drive is smooth, the Mangalore highway roads are well maintained as of now, we have to keep on the highway till Channarayapatna and then there is a diversion to the left which takes us inside through the village road to the temple complex.

Driving along the village road

The well maintained roads and greenery alongside makes it a good drive for about half an hour until we reach the hillock, the main temple is on the top of the small hill. There are around 600 steps to reach the top.

Climbing to the top
View as I was reaching the top

There are two levels to reach the top, and once the 1st level is reached there is a temple, this one contains three statues of the Jain tirthankaras, this is also the place where the above picture was taken overlooking the hills and the city..


As we move up the huge stairs and reach the top, the view becomes more splendid and spectacular.


Coconut trees strewn across
The mesmerizing landscape

This place is one of the most spiritual destinations for the Jain community, On the top is the huge monolith statue of Bahubali.



The statue of Gommaṭteśvara Bahubali dated 978-993


The details can be read here . It was an exhilarating experience to visit the top and spend some time there. Since it was a week day there was not much of a crowd. I spend some time at the top, thinking and enjoying the beauty of this vast landscape, it is so surreal to understand how people 1000 years back developed such high class artistry, how were they able to carry these huge blocks of stones to the hill top and how they carved out such delicate statues out of huge block of stones.

Finally as all things good things come to an end, this one as well, it was time to leave because it was already 4 o clock and it would take be around 3-4 hours to reach Bangalore, I also wanted to spend some time down in the town area clicking some pictures of rural life.


My country has so much to offer, it seems that I will take a lifetime to keep on exploring India, such cultural history and deep rooted artistic temperament.




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