Finally Goa, the place I try to visit every year once, why ? well sea, ocean or any kind of water body has a very close association with me, being born and bought up in Calcutta and especially in south Calcutta, my house is very near to Rabindra Sarovar Lake, so since childhood going there for morning walks, evening walks or any kind of walks was always a necessity than a norm, Goa brings me near to the sea, greenery, vegetation, it feels like it purges me from all the sins, the natural landscape, the topography of the place and some idealistic surroundings by the sea is a deadly combination for a nature lover.

View of Fort Aguada
On the way to Goa, at Karwar
At Cabo De Rama

In every of my visit I have tried to stay at different places across the state of Goa, North Goa is hip and happening with most of the beaches and places used up in a commercial way on the other hand South Goa is laid back, it has got the old world charm to it, sleepy hamlets, lots of hidden places, diverse roads and laid back attitude of the people, places like Cabo-de- Rama is a must visit if you are in southern part of this state.

Once I was lucky enough to visit the state during the carnival time, it happens for four days, at different places, I was staying near Margoan during this time at a place called CJM, near Carmona beach very near to Varca. The last day of the festival was being held in Margoan.

Glimpses during the carnival
Masking the Devil during the carnival

GOA during Monsoon

During the monsoon, the landscapes of this beautiful state takes on a new avtaar, i was here during monsoon and stayed in a Portuguese architecture styled house. Goa receives lot of rainfall during monsoon and it just keeps on pouring throughout the day, however it is altogether a different ambiance during this time, the heavy downpour, the light drizzles and rough sea, the sudden downpour, all make for a diverse trip here during the rainy season. The sound of the downpour and when the downpour stops there is a deep silence and then suddenly the croaking of frogs…wonderful way the nature speaks to us. ย One of the most exciting things for me is the accumulation of the dark clouds around the horizon, it is just fascinating to watch the process.

Arabian sea
All green view from Chapora fort

We stayed in Assagao during this monsoon visit, it is a small village in North Goa.

Roads in Assagoan
The Rough sea in Sequirem
Margaon center during rains

Visit to Cabo de Rama

This is an old ruined fort at the southern fringes of the state, a place where the sea meets the land, a place of natural beauty.

Amazing view of the sea shore


Every traveler finds something or the other to interpret from their visit to Goa, be it rain or the sun, the nature or the hills and terrains of the place. For some there is meaning to everything and for some none, lucky are those who explore the former. My best pic taken in goa till now is this one below


If one looks closely the sun rays are falling on the Angel, a kind of faith that the lord always takes care of its people, one has to just allow divinity to work on us and let the magic unfold.

Some shots of the beaches of North Goa

Anjuna Beach
Seaquarium Beach

Sometimes I fade in the shadows

Taking it to be real

Then I see the light

and start taking the right path

For shadows don’t have any identity

Its just me who is blocking the light.

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