It was going to be a very short stay in Gwalior, I was coming to the end of my one month long journey covering parts of Maharashtra and Madhya Pradesh. Since my last stay was in Khajuraho and Gwalior was not that far from here I tried to squeeze in a couple of days before returning back to my present home in Bangalore.

With 2 days in Gwalior I was planning to visit the Gwalior fort. Getting accommodation  was difficult since this was a last minute plan, I tried Airbnb, got connected to an engineering student who was ready to share his flat which he himself was sharing with his batch mates, this was pure luck and also a opportunity to relive my college days. Living with college mates has its own charm, the money is less but there is a lot of brotherhood, there is very little bias and lot of debates.

I started from Khajuraho in the morning and by evening 3 pm I was at Gwalior. This train is a special one which starts at Udaipur and ends at Khajuraho, covering Jaipur, Agra, Gwalior, Jhansi and then finally Khajuraho, all historical circuits connected.  Finally had a late lunch and then visited the market area in the evening

approaching the fort

I got up early in the next morning, i did not have much time, my train was in the afternoon at 3 pm so whatever i wanted to see was till forenoon. The fort is on a hill top bit higher plane than the main city, as one enters the old city area, the fort is visible right at the end. By 9 am I was at the fort gates, as I was approaching the fort area I started chit chatting with the localities there, they told me that after the fort I can also explore the Gurudwara Bandi chorh,a old dilapidated temple and the Scindia school. I was more keen on the Gurudwara.

On the way up to the fort

As one comes nearer to the fort one can see a very distinct style, I have not seen this colorful outdoors of the fort anywhere. History says that this distinct type of architecture and design is particular to Hindu religion which made me wander whether this fort was constructed by a Hindu ruler, I immediately searched it on the internet and i was right about it, more details can be found here

The huge courtyards, well ventilated rooms and the view of the whole city makes this a wonderful visit, especially sitting near one of the window sills and watching the whole city was a very relaxing experience.




City view
A water tank inside the fort



The fort is an exclusive piece of architecture, built by a hindu ruler and with time passed on to others who did some modifications or the other, I suddenly looked at my watch and it was 11 am, how time passed by, may be I was too engrossed in exploring, Gurdwara Data Bandi Chorh Sahib is a stone throw distance away, it is an important place for the sikhs.

Gurdwara Data Bandi Chorh Sahib


I prayed with all honesty and thanked the almighty for giving me the opportunity to visit this place, it has an aura of piece and tranquility.

After having the prasad(langar), it was time to leave the city, a city i explored for a very short period of time, the people who accommodated me within such a short notice and the opportunity i got to explore to grandeur of the Gwalior fort.


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