During my childhood days, I watched this movie called Sonar Kella(Golden fortress), I very clearly remember watching the full movie, this was made by the famous director Satyajit Ray and it was about this detective Feluda and the adventure which follows between Calcutta and Jaisalmer. I was mesmeried by the story line as well it got me into thinking about this place called Jaisalmer where the golden fortress was to be found. All in all it just got me hooked to traveling to Jaisalmer since that time.

Finally as a family when we were exploring Rajasthan we decided to go to Jaisalmer. It is a border town to Pakistan and the last stop in India. It is also the only place where the desert is to be found. The visuals of the camels crossing the sand dunes had always fascinated me.

Jaisalmer is around 330 kms from Bikaner, the roads are good and it takes around 6 hours for the whole journey. We started from Bikaner around 10 am in the morning. The roads are good and it was always fun to be with family and enjoy the roadtrip. Finally with the last glow of the sun, we were approaching Jaisalmer, we had booked a tented accommodation near the desert area.


Finally, we reached our tented accommodation near the outskirts of the main city and nearer to the desert, the agenda in this city was to explore the fort and take a trip to the sand dunes, we were going to stay here for the next 2 days.

After a good long night sleep we were all fresh and ready to explore. Our first destination was the Jaisalmer fort also known as Sonar kella, made famous by the movie of the same name. The fort was built in 1156 A.D, around 900 years back that is a long long time, and it still stands tall amidst the desert.


The front of the fort

You must be noticing something unique by now, yes the colour of the bricks, this is unique to this place all houses built here are made of this coloured stone, the beauty is that when the sun rays falls on them they glow like gold and that is the reason it is called the golden fort. Amazing stuff I must say.

Houses made of Yellow colored stone….

Inside the Fort

We explored this fort for around 2 to 3 hours, it is a great piece of architecture, such creativity in the middle of the desert gives credence to human ingenuity . After finishing lunch we decided to spend the afternoon and evening near the desert and experience desert safari.


The Desert Safari

The Camel and the Camel wala

The day was not yet over after the amazing experience at the desert, although i wanted to go much deeper into the desert there was no time and permissions from the border Security force was difficult to obtain, we headed back to the camping site were a function was to be held showcasing the cultural heritage of the region, there were folk songs and dance which made the evening a gala affair.

The next day which was also the last one we planned to visit Patwon ki Haveli. These cluster of buildings are a architectural marvel, majestic buildings with architectural beauty, the detailed carvings and care given to the minutest details just make one realize the mastery of the foregone era. It was built by a very rich trades man who dealt in trade of gold strings, the sheer elegance with which this historical monument holds up the span of thought process is just amazing it took us almost 2 hours to explore the whole area and still did not feel like to get out of here.


The inside verandah


Inside the Haveli


The Courtyard

The inside veranda
Inside the Haveli
View from the top

All in all it was a wonderful experience to explore Jaisalmer, one of my child hood dreams coming true and also to understand the history of this desert town. Our next stop was to be Jodhpur, which is around 280 kms from here, all excited for the next city in line….as I was leaving the city it was almost evening and the sun was setting.. and i thought of this…

The honest last glow of the Sun

Makes me wonder whether it will return

but as best friends always are

It always returns the next day

Saying to me I never left

Covered with cloud of Ignorance

It was you who thought like that

I am and will always be

With you till the end of time


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