We were on a trip covering the coast line of Gujrat, we started from Okha and our plan was to cover Dwarka, Porbander, Somnath and then back to Ahmadabad. When we were in Somnath and exploring the near by forest area of Sasan Gir, we got to know of this place called Diu, it is a Union territory around 100 km from Somnath. We thought of giving it a try and planned a 1 day trip and then back to Ahmadabad.

As we entered the city I was amazed to find a impeccable infrastructure in place, well maintained roads, spic and span drainage system.

Most of the prominent areas like market and restaurants are along side the sea, which makes it a wonderful walking experience. The beaches are very well maintained with clean.

Jallandhar Beach
Sunset at Jallandhar Beach

One can rent out a two wheeler and explore the whole city, we were so much impressed with this place that we planned to extend our stay, now instead of one day we were planning for 4 days. Accommodation was not an issue since we were staying with a local Portuguese family and then there was this added advantage of new year’s eve coming where we planned to attend the mid night mass and usher in the new year in God’s presence.

Ruins of Diu Fort


View from the top of the fort

Diu is not a very well known tourist destination in India, I feel it is a blessing in disguise because more tourist means things start getting commercialized. People start flocking in which somewhat dis balances the flaura and fauna of the place. This is a laidback town with all the time in the world to explore and understand the history of the place. We visited the place in the month of December, which is winter time but still here in Diu it was comfortable enough to stay with a t-shirt and jeans.

Sunset in Nagoa Beach


Naida Caves
On Top Gangeshwar Temple
End of the day at Nagoa Beach

Diu should be visited every once in a while, to relax to reflect and to have a peaceful stay. This beach town in one of the top jewels as a detoxing destination.

5 replies to “Diu

  1. It looks like a lovely and peaceful place. Are there lot of old heritage structures? Even in Goa, despite long Portuguese rule, there aren’t many heritage structures.


      1. It’s actually surprising as to how Portuguese managed with very less buildings. In stark contrasts to Britishers who build so many buildings.


      2. Yes, portuguese just stayed near the coastline and did not go inside, may be the places they captured they kept it as an outpost in their trading route and thats why not much of commercial development in the cities.

        Liked by 1 person

      3. This seems logical. In contrast to the beautiful architecture they have made in South American countries, we have nothing here.


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