Dehradun is the one of the most prominent cities of Uttarakhand and the capital of the state. I had never visited this city before, it is said that it is the gateway to the upper ranges of the Himalayas, I was excited and was planning to stay here for some time. My place of stay was a bit far from the city on the Rajpur road, as I reached my homestay I was pleasantly surprised, this place was surrounded by nature on all the sides, my room was on the terrace, the view from which was great, i could see the mountains far away.

The first day i went for a day hike to old Mussorrie route, it starts from Rajpur and ends at Jhari pani, it is the one of those routes which people used to take during the olden days to go to Mussorie, this route runs through the forest area and has a well laid out path, it is good 2-3 hours walk to Jhari Pani and then back to Dehradun,


The route is very scenic and takes you through the forest area, I met a few foreign hikers in this trail but not any Indian.

My first few days in the city was quite pleasing, in the coming days I planned to visit Forest Reserve Institute and Clement town, which is one of the Tibetan colonies in the city.

Forest reserve institute is one of the premier universities of the country, it is of its kind, spread over a huge area it caters to the research and evolution of natural resources in our country and also around the world. The campus is situated on the outskirts of the city contains a botanical garden, houses and hostels for professors and students and the giant central building in the middle of the campus.


Next in line was Clement town, this place is located around 7 kms from the main city of Dehradun. This is the place where the famous MindRolling Monastry is located. This place is also close to ISBT. The Tibetieans after leaving their home have come and settled in different parts of the the Himalayan Region, Dehradun being one of them. The Tibetians are very peace loving people, they are also abundantly rich in art and culture. The MindRolling Monastery is situated here, monastries are places of worship and learning, it is also used as a center for mediatating and prayer practices.

The Stupa of the MindRolling Monastry


Entrance to the Monastry


The Library near Sahastradhara

After spending a good number of days in Dehradun. It was time to explore the nearby areas. I was invited to visit and a stay at a Camping place near Dhanaulti, it is a 2 hr drive from Dehradun, the snowcapped mountains of the Himalayas are visible from here.

Early morning first rays of the sun near Dhanaulti
The place down below where I stayed
Before Sunrise

I spent 2 days here and it was a wonderful experience. Staying with nature has its own charm. Now it was time to say goodbye and move towards Rishikesh.

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