After Visiting Ajanta and Ellora which falls in Maharashtra I had more time in my hand and therefore i planned to move up more north wards to the state of Madhya Pradesh, It is central part of India. Exploring Madhya Pradesh took be to the cities of Ujjain, Jhansi, Indore and finally to the small little town of Khajuraho.

Khajuraho is famous for the the world famous temples. A UNESCO world heritage site , here in lies the group of temples where in people from all around the world come to see. There are at present a group of 20 temples embodying the the essence of Indian art and culture. The architecture is of the highest quality. I had contacted a homestay with in the city for my accommodation, expecting a clean and decent place. I was surprised to find a very well maintained, clean and hygienic room for my stay over. They call themselves Friends in Khajuraho, and it is run by Vijay and his family.It is a small little homestay with a big heart.  I was lucky cause with a very comfortable stay i also was getting home cooked food and understanding the in and outs of this small little town. I got to know of places and things which if i would never have known, like the small little town of Beniganj which is 10 kms away from this place, one can experience the rustic village life and go on a hike to the small hillock overlooking the village, riding across the paddy fields on both the sides and no car or any other vehicle to disturb you is an experience in itself.

Road Leading to Beniganj


Overlooking the village fields from the hills in Beniganj

They also guided me about where all to visit within the city, Khajuraho is a small town and excavations are still going on near about these areas, there are two groups of temples situated with the city, the western group and the eastern group. The more famous being the western group of temples. Visiting this place was an eye opener for me, it opened my eyes to the vast cultural heritage of my country, it also echoed that we were peace loving people and went through life enjoying art and creativity, religon was sacred, however it was not everything.

The temples are mesmerizing, each one of them telling their story in their own unique way.


The sheer beauty lies in the fine attention to the details in the figures, perfect craftsmanship, if one stares too long it seems like the images may come to life at any point of time.




The three days that I was taken to the abundance of Indian art, architecture and way of life, it seemed that I was in a time machine and these and statues were alive and just moving moving around the temple area, the sheer beauty was transcending to say the least. It is time we honor our historical treasures which re-assure us again and again that we were a very progressive race with abundance of everything that life has to offer.

Finally Leaving Khajuraho

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