Annadale is a small Military area in Shimla. Shimla has grown up to be one of the top tourist hill stations in India, it becomes massively crowded during the weekends and holiday seasons. So if you are looking forward to enjoy some quite time surrounded by hills and nature this is the perfect getaway.

If one enjoys nature walk and listening to the birds, this space is for you. This place also has a Military museum, just peep into the heroics of this great nation, understand how the indian army works and moisten your eyes after reading through the stories of our great soldiers.


The place is very picturesque. One has to go down around a 1000ft from the main city of Shimla to get to this place. Its a good down walk, as we keep on going down we slowly and steadily get away from the crowd.

View of the Annadale grounds as we go down from the main city

I had the whole day to explore this place, had started my descent around 11 am in the morning. Their is not much traffic, the place is very very calm and quite. It was a bit windy that day and i could here the wind blowing through the trees. Since this is an army area, it is kept clean.

Annadale Grounds
Nature walk
Flowers in the Garden maintained by army
With Shimla at the backdrop

However one thing to remember while coming here is that there is no eating joint or a restaurant. The only place where one can go is the military canteen area, which doesn’t remain open on all the days, it is better to arrange for food before starting off for this place.

I spent quality time over here, time just flew away and before i could react it was already 4 pm in the evening. This time i thought of taking a short cut. It is a steep climb but worth the effort cause once you finish the trail you feel accomplished.

Steep Climb back to Shimla city


As one can understand from the pics, not many people visit this place in Shimla, it is a cut out from the main itinerary. But people who do visit this place will come here again and again of they are in Shimla.


2 replies to “Annadale

  1. thanks for sharing information on hidden gem of a touristy hill station. Is there any kind of restriction since it’s an army area.. Chetan?


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