I had just returned from my trekking in Buran Ghati. A 15 day trip covering Himachal Pradesh, Punjab, Delhi and Agra. It was an exhilarating and a awesome experience. Its been just a week of rest, however the monsoon was in town and i rarely wanted to stay indoor, I wanted to go out to somewhere and finally i found a place near to the city, a place of historical significance. It was the historical town of Lepakhshi.

We decided to go on a Saturday. The map showed that it will take around 3 hours to reach the place. We decided to start early at around 8 am in the morning. It was a cloudy day, the weather being comfortable for a road journey.

We loaded up with all the important things for the journey and hit the road excited to visit the historical place. City traffic as always kept us waiting for sometime before we could hit full throttle and enjoy the free spaces and greenery. However as we crossed the city limits and hit NH44, it was an enjoyable cruise all along.

There was freshness all around, Monsoon had arrived in the city few days back and it had made its presence felt by bestowing greenery all around. Small specs of clouds were hanging off Nandi hills and there was a feeling of abundance and relaxation in the atmosphere. I was not driving very fast, trying to enjoy nature and the long drive.

We took a break at Kamath Upchar for our breakfast just few kms after crossing Nandi hills and again hit the road. At around 11:30 am we reached the town of Lepakshi. We have to take a diversion to the left from NH44 at Kodikonda and drive for 15 to 16km more to reach the town of Lepakshi. As soon as we reach the temple the Nandi Statute greets us.

The Temple is around 500 years old as stated in the description by Archaeological Survey of India. The sculptures, designs and the architecture of the temple is simply amazing there are even paintings on wall inside the main temple. It made me think that how gifted we indans are in respect to art and architecture however at the same time it makes me sad that we have forgotten our real true worth. We do not value our own heritage and history.



These pictures speak for themselves and show the aesthetic value of our life and culture, after exploring the temple for couple of hours it was time to go back. I am an ardent fan of art, things which express themselves. These stone sculptures were speaking to you about the our glorious past, history which we should cherish and at the same time save for next generations, cause in all this lies our lineage, the seed of our culture and the people we are.

Coming back to the city was much easier, the weather was still the same, cloudy, windy and sometimes drizzling, a perfect match for venturing out more and more to explore new places. We were back in the city at around 8 pm in the evening. A good day outing with family and one more place which instills in me the the fact that we are a very talented race in this world it time we realize that.

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