Jodhpur – The Land of the Maharajas

After leaving Jaisalmer we were headed towards Marwar region of Rajasthan. Jodhpur is one of the main cities of this region. It is slowly becoming one of the important cities of the state and many call it the second capital of Rajasthan after Jaipur.

Jodhpur is around 300 kms from Jaisalmer and it takes around 6 hours to reach the place via Pokhran. The landmark place when one reaches Jodhpur is the Meharanghar fort, the fort brings up a unique picture and flavour to the city, the city is built around the fort with the fort standing tall in between.


Meharangarh Fort seen from Ghantaghar

We had booked a place very near to the fort.


After a long journey we had good food, slept well and got up early afresh in the morning ready to explore the Meharangarh fort. There are two ways to reach the fort one is via the normal route in a two or a four wheeler and the other is by foot, walking across the lanes and by lanes, climbing few meters up and finally reaching the top where the fort is situated. Walking up has its own charm, a sense of adventure were one passes through the twist and turns of the lane, the climb and finally coming out of the shadows of the houses and lanes to the sun lit pathway up to the fort with the whole city view gradually becoming better and clearer.

Once we are up, we need to buy tickets and get into the fort, inside it is art culture and the richness of Marwar in all it abundance and splendor, the whole fort is witness to the valor and glory of the Rajputs and the supreme sacrifices they have made for their land and kingdom, It takes one back to those medieval times and showcases the aristocratic life and times of the different kings who ruled the land at different periods of time.

The artistic essence is at its best with objects of every day use like this one below. It is called chuski, used to hold and pour alchahol. IMG_1295


After enjoying the skilled craftsmanship and  beauty of the fort for 4-5 hours it was time for us to leave the fort to our next destinantion which was Umaid Bhawan.

Umaid Bhawan is the 2nd big attraction in Jodhpur, it is at the outskirts of the growing city of Jodhpur. The kings family still lives at the palace. Part of the palace has a meuseum showcasing the collectibles of the erstwhile era. The front garden area has collectibles of old cars. IMG_1381

Thus ended our one day tour of the city of Jodhpur. We had a great time and a wonderful experience exploring the old city and its monuments. The time when we were retiring back to our home stay we took a walk around ghantaghar or the clock tower, an iconic landmark in the city with the clock showing its 8 o clock, we experimented with some tasteful street food and then called it a day.


However I personally was not satisfied with the what i had witnessed the whole day and thought of closing the day with a night shot of the whole city with the iconic fort as the background and therefore took to the same lanes taken in the morning to climb up the pathway and took some below mentioned pics to close for the day.

The day had ended and was feeling excited for the next city on tour which was Udaipur.



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