Thonnur Lake and Kuntibetta

The weekends was coming, One of my trek mate message me to join the Thonnur lake and Kuntibetta trip. I was free that weekend and was more than happy to join them. We needed to start at around 2 pm for Thonnur lake. Every one was on time, this place was around 140 km away from Bangalore. One has to take a right diversion after Mandya on the Bangalore Mysore highway.

We were 8 people on board ready to enjoy the weekend together. Once inside the diversion the place is around 10 to 15 kms away. We reached the place just in time to miss the sunset, however the view still was very surreal. We spent some time by the side of the lake listening to the sounds of the still water and the wide open sky above.

The Lake is vast, it is wide as well and as the locals pointed out deep as well, it was quite relaxing to sit by the side of the lake in the evening, water temperature was apt enough to keep our legs submerged inside the water. Slowly it became totally dark, we were under the sky full of stars with very less artificial light around.

We spent the rest of the evening chatting around different topics. As evening started turning into night, lightening started to occur across the horizon, a sign that rain clouds have gathered and it might rain. We quickly had our dinner and as we were having it, it started to drizzle

As more time passed that drizzle turned into a heavy downpour, we were left with nothing to do but to back to our mini bus. It was decided to spent the night in the mini bus but some of us thought that we should find an alternative place like a temple or a school building where we can stretch our body and sleep properly, luckily while exploring in the heavy downpour a place was found and some of us shifted to the that place.

The next morning we all got up quickly and this picture describes the beauty of early morning. The sky was almost clear and the sun was ready to burst out of the clouds.

Rays bursting out of the cloud
Early Morning near Thonnur lake

The village was still sleepy but the sky had woken up and how brilliantly fresh it felt can be described by the below pic

Sun Burst

I was as excited as the nature and quickly got up on top of a hill near the lake and took some early morning pics. We were in a small village and instead of the traffic sound which we are used to in the city we were listening to the chirping of the birds and the sound of the wind blowing across the trees. It is always fascinating to listen silently to the vagaries of nature. There was a layer of mist across the fields, hills with small rocky patches and mist suspended across.

Early morning mist
Thonnur lake early morning

We were all feeling very relaxed and to top it up a healthy authentic south indian breakfast was awaiting us. Masala vada, idly and sambhar with lots and lots of vegetables. Everyone relished their quota of breakfast and now the plan was to reach the base of Kuntibetta and start the climb to the top.

It was already 9 AM, we took a guide for climbing KuntiBetta as suggested by shop owner where we had our breakfast, the reason was that the trail was not well marked and it would become quite tricky. As we were reaching the hill we noticed a huge water body (a Lake) next to the hill. We started our climb slowly and steadily cause it had rained last night and some areas were quite slippery. We had to overcome large boulders of rocks and uneven surfaces but all this was manageable, as we went higher and higher the view became better and better, with the sky having small patches of clouds, the sun rays were playing hike and seek with us.

The lake at the footsteps of the hill

The legend about this place is that Kunti the mother of the Pandavas had stayed here with here for sometime while in exile. After somewhere near 45 mins of the climb we reached the top, it was a satisfying climb, we took rest, had some fruits, a good photo session and then headed back down the hill.

View from the top



We spent some time clicking good pic from the top and then started climbing back and return back to the city. There are many Jaggery making factories near about that area. They crush out sugarcane juice and then boil the stuff to make Jaggery. We entered one such factory, it was a good opportunity to take away some freshly made jaggery for home as well as taste freshly minted out sugarcane juice.

And finally ending the journey with sweetness in the mouth and happy and bliss full memories in the mind all of us headed back to where we came from.


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